Welcome to Southern Blue Travel. Distinguished tours and accommodation in Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.


Why Us?

Chris and Naomi Chambers and their two daughters Emily and Sam have over 25 years experience in sharing what they love the life style and landscapes of the Red Centre. Southern Blue was created to share their lifestyle and seascape beauty of Eyre Peninsula with people who share the same passion. That is, the love of good food, good company, comfortable accommodation and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and their own space and time to enjoy it all. Eyre Peninsula is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, it’s raw natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and relaxed lifestyle make it a paradise, nature’s own playground.

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Experience the extraordinary

Growing up on Eyre Peninsula dodging Kangaroos on the way to the drive-in theatre, fishing for a meal of seafood only a few minutes from the back door, mastering most water sports like surfing,  sailing, scuba diving, water skiing all set amongst a spectacular natural land and sea scape with almost no one to leave a foot print before you.

A life style considered idyllic by most, as a local it is ‘just normal’. Until you have travelled and discovered that what Eyre Peninsula has to offer, it is far from normal and in fact is considered by visitors to the region to be extraordinary. Water skiing for the day with a bunch of friends on our own beach, enjoying a beach BBQ and on the ‘way home’ stop off with a quick dive to pick up some scallops for an entre before dinner. Enjoying a great day of surfing and grab a couple of abalone from the rocks on the way home. So much nature, so much wildlife, so undiscovered. Let us show you the extraordinary.

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